camera software.At the moment none of camera manufacturers are not able to cover the full range of tasks surveillance and monitoring and to offer a 100%solution based on the operating conditions and specificity of object. As a consequence, the need to use devices from different manufacturers to create a video is most severe. The idea of obvious - in analog TV, there are certain standards and protocols to ensure compatibility and interoperability of devices from different manufacturers. Of course, at the stage of development of the new technology, which is the surveillance, every manufacturer designates the standards own decisions. Despite attempts to create such a standard, there are two organizations applying for the right to systematize approaches, protocols, and data libraries manufacturers. In Europe Not to end is clear, what is the interest of producers in developing a common standard and compatibility of the solutions. Really, if in the production of devices, undoubtedly, will succeed electronic giants, able to develop and produce inexpensive and functionalname, exists thanks to the work of the party. Thus, a great number of companies - producers of their own solutions may just get lost from the market, not finding your own niche and not being able to prove the uniqueness of their devices and software products. In this case we can expect growth in popularity of the universal software for video surveillance.