At first glance, it may seem that the existing system for sending payments is good enough, but all our purchases go through a bank or a credit company that take a share from the transaction. The amount of commissions for transactions is constantly growing, which is not entirely suitable for ordinary users. And the fact that the data of your accounts are in an open access for the state and shows its flaws. This problem is trying to solve bitcoin, which will record data on all transactions in the network. This model excludes the presence of intermediaries, as transactions are carried out directly between the buyer and the seller. Since Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency, bitcoin sell is available on absolutely all crypto-exchange exchanges. More recently, bitcoin futures began to bargain on the Chicago commodity exchanges. All these factors contribute to the popularization of the sphere of crypto-currencies in the world community. To choose an exchange for bitcoin sell, you can choose any currency exchange and start trading. 90919