The range of existing investment online instruments and institutions is not limited only to securities, shares of companies, precious metals and bank deposits at interest. Thanks to the development of the ’World Wide Web,’ its popularization and today’s accessibility, we are paying attention to the mass of Internet services and online investment programs that allow receiving passive and decent income. The profit from such investments is much less than generally accepted concepts and scale of investment, however, it fully corresponds to the volumes of inflows, which makes it possible to earn money on Internet investments even for students. The most popular, advertised and profitable tool for investing online is the currency exchange ’Forex’. This financial instrument allows you to receive passive income in two equally profitable ways: independent speculation on the exchange; by investing in the PAMM-account. In addition, this sphere is literally full of scammers who are hungry to take your blood, which is also one of the aspects of the increased risks associated with investing in Forex. 66339 … arket.html