In the modern world, only two things guarantee you a high income — this is a profitable business and a sound investment. Building a successful company can take many years of painstaking work, but successful investments can bring profit tomorrow. The choice of investment tools directly depends on the total amount of money: 1. With expenses in the range of 20-30 , real investment options are bank deposits, metal accounts, shares in investment funds, and cumulative insurance. 2. When spending in the range of 40-100 thousand rubles, you can count on all of the above methods how to invest and make money, plus the use of resources of stock exchanges. 3. If there are available funds from 100 thousand rubles, you can rely on the acquisition of real estate, the formation of a package of securities or the opening of PAMM-accounts, participation in transactions in Forex or hedge funds. In order to determine: where it is better to invest money, consider your age category. If you are under 30 you can and should taste different investment tools. Thus, you will receive invaluable financial experience that will help you not only in the field of investments, but also in your own business. 40099 … money.html