Bitcoin buy one can speak endlessly how important the crypto-currencies in the modern world, their capabilities, etc., are of great importance. But, since you are reading this material, then in general terms you know about Bitcoin, its advantages and features. If you are a ’casual passenger’ on this page, then browse our site. You will learn a lot of interesting things about crypto-currencies, why they are bought and how to earn them.In order to buy bitcoin, you need a purse for storing crypto currency. Choose the most appropriate option for your needs and install or register a wallet. It’s easy and fast.Before you buy bitcoin, look at the exchange rate and conditions. The exchange rate in the exchangers is worse by about 1-1.5% than in the market, that is, on specialized exchanges. And finally, there are numerous commissions that necessarily ’bite off’ a significant part of your funds. But, on the other hand, this method greatly simplifies the purchase of BTC. 3664