Where is the answer to the question how to lift While the traditional transactional model for market process has been, over the years, in-person meetings, share market online are taking the boom these times, growing almost incontrollably over the webs of the Internet. Ever since real money has entered the virtual arena, interest has shifted towards the Internet, due to its net advantages in terms of efficacy, speed and security. The up and down cycle of the online market forever increases its frequency, needing almost real time watch over its course, and it’s scenarios like these where network connection truly makes a difference. No big company is left out of this trend, they are all onboard, since in this game, if you stay behind, you waste good client potential. Granted, online versatility is as much a talent these now as it becomes a necessity, or at least an incentive on optimizing one’s life and income source. Being savvy in computers becomes the norm, and stock markets are not left out of this trend. In fact, being the single most profitable mean of income, they benefit the full interest and attention of employed workforce. And it’s the primary area where discussions on law, power and the future of the planet is held. Berdyansk, Ukraine?