We all know that bitcoin is the currency of the future. Therefore, sales and purchases are very relevant now. For all operations with this cryptography you will first need a special bitcoin wallet. There are quite a lot of them, you can choose from those offered on the official site of cryptography. There you can immediately find out the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and make choices based on this information. To get bitcoin, you will need a recipient’s address. It can be in text format in the form of a random sequence of numbers and letters, as well as in the version of the QR code. This is convenient when someone wants to send a crypt through a smartphone or simply write down the address for the future. Getting bitcoins to a special address can be from various sources. The easiest option is to buy at one of the online exchange points. It is appropriate to do this if you are sure that the price of crying will continue to increase, and you want to earn some extra money in this way. But do not forget that the bitcoin rate jumps very much, and nobody will be surprised if in a month its price will fall twice. However, nobody is particularly surprised if it doubles. Sell bitcoin or buy the usual thing 30132