The importance of reading is to give people the ability to self -learning , which is one of the most important means used by the human to bitcoin trading acquire self-skills. Which in turn is working to develop his various capabilities and make him able to keep pace with all the developments that exist today, which is characterized by the spread of modern technology and require Reading, science and knowledge. Reading is the most important means of communication between people, and the identification of different cultures , Which leads to the development and growth in the language capabilities of the person, and the source of the development and growth of the person’s personality. Reading is of great importance in increasing self-confidence and developing and strengthening the personality, by acquiring the vast amount of information and experiences that man needs in all areas of his life, and make him an educated person able to engage in discussions and dialogues with others without fear or shame. Reading makes man more appreciative of the grace of time and avoiding wasting it in useless things. It is an effective means of appropriate exploitation of time, in order to obtain knowledge, culture and development in different fields, because time is the most precious thing that man possesses. In any way, the reader acquires an experience in record time that the writer may have acquired in many years. 76542